We are a private organization that provides healthcare services, which specializes in treating obesity and related diseases by offering advanced and updated techniques on surgical, endoscopic, and medical procedures as well as psychological approaches.


Our vision is to be an innovative center by using cutting-edge technology in order to provide a safe and efficient serviceto our patients, to expand globally and to gainnational and international recognition.


Quality, excellence, honesty, consistency, innovation, service-minded attitude and ethics.

Patients’ rights

  1.  Receive updated and innovative care.
  2.  Be treated with dignity and respect.
  3.  Get from the medical staff real, clear and honest goals to achieve
  4.  Get sufficient and clear information and guidance in proper time.
  5.  Decide freely about their care.
  6.  Right to ask and answer any questions.
  7.  Be entitled to have your medical records kept confidential.
  8.  Have a medical record.




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