Mini Gastric bypass, is also knows as SINGLE-ANASTOMOSIS GASTRIC BYPASS, is a newer procedure considered to have similar results than gastric bypass. It has proven to be a safe and effective procedure. The mini gastric bypass is easiest procedure than bypass, it may decrease the possibility of complications as internal hernia, however, alkaline reflux is seen more often after mini gastric bypass. The decision to have a gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass depends of the patient and the multidisciplinary team.

The reason why mini gastric bypass helps to lose weight and not gaining it back is similar to bypass:

Restriction: The gastric capacity is reduced by dividing the stomach and creating a small bag or pouch with approximately 30ml capacity. Therefore, with a smaller stomach, you will eat less and feel satisfied sooner, which will lead to weight loss.
Malabsorption: This is by creating connections that make food “skip” a part of the intestine, which reduces part of food’s absorption. This mechanism is very useful for people who like to eat snacks, pastries or sweets frequently.
Hormonal: When the intestine is reconnected, hormones such as YY peptide, GLP-1, leptin, and ghrelin present changes in their circulating levels, which causes the appetite to decrease, insulin liberation, blood glucose reduction and an increase in the body’s metabolism.
Without a doubt, this procedure involves an important anatomic and hormonal modification but the best results are obtained when these changes are followed by serious lifestyle modifications.

Some important facts.

  • It is very important that you understand that you need to commit and follow the diet given by our specialists.
  • In order to not regain the weight throughout the years, it is fundamental that you change your lifestyle. The surgery and our team of experts will help you accomplish this.
  • Vitamins and minerals are recommended for the rest of your life after a mini gastric bypass. One or 2 tablets a day is something easy to do, which guarantee an adequate nutrition.
  • Follow-ups are crucial to guarantee your health.

Responsibility plays a fundamental role on post-op care and long-term success



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