Weight loss varies from patient to patient and it depends greatly on our patient’s commitment to changing their lifestyle modifications. Weight loss during the first month after the surgery is approximately 15-25% of overweight (17lbs.-35lbs.). After three months, you will be losing around 50% and after 6 months, around 65%. Most patients lose from 80% to 90% of their overweight during the first 18 months of the treatment.


What Is Overweight?

It is the weight that exceeds your ideal weight and it is calculated using the following formula:

Overweight = Real Weight – Ideal Weight

For example, if your current weight is 250 lbs and your ideal weight is 175 lbs, your excess weight would be 75 lbs (250-175=75). During the first 18 months after a gastric bypass, you will lose near 85% of your overweight. So in the previous example, you would lose approximately 64 lbs (85% of 75), that is 186lbs, which leaves you with just a little overweight of 10lbs from your ideal weight.

Most patients are able to maintain this weight for several years. Some others are able to lose all their overweight and approximately 10% of the patients will slowly gain their weight back in a matter of years (3-9 years). This last group are the patients who were not able to make lifestyle changes.

The first year, two months after surgery, if you follow our specialists’ instructions, you will be losing approximately from 4 lbs to 11 lbs. per month. During the second year, you will lose weight more slowly and eventually you will maintain a stable weight.

The most important thing is that almost everyone loses enough weight to be able to change their lifestyle drastically, to recover their health and to do activities you were not able to do before. Remember that you are not alone and you can always have our support.

Do not focus success only on the pounds you have lost, but on your achievements as well (cloths you could not use before, activities you could not do before, better work performance, less fatigue, less meds for hypertension, diabetes, or other diseases, better eating habits, a role model for your children and family).


Is it possible not to lose weight after the procedure?

It would be something rare. The good news is that it is extremely unusual that a patient does not lose more than 60-70% of their overweight after a gastric bypass. If this happens, it is mostly due to the consumption of caloric liquids such as liquid chocolate, fruit juice boxes or liquefied caloric food.

You are not alone… we will support you all along the way!



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