When you arrive to the hospital, about an hour before the surgery, a peripheral intravenous line (IV) will be placed in your arm. This will not hurt; you will feel something similar like when you have blood tests.


Before you are taking to the operating room (OR), the surgeon will talk to you and your family. Your relatives will stay in your room while you are taken to the OR. Once you get there, the anesthesiologist will give you some meds through your IV line, this will make you sleepy and when you wake up everything will be over.


While you are asleep, the anesthesiologist will put a tube through your mouth to help you breathe. The surgical team will prepare you and take care of you throughout the surgery. The procedure will last approximately two hours; nevertheless, from the time you arrive to the OR to the time you are taken back to your room, 3-6 hours may pass.


The surgical team, the anesthesiologist, and the nurse staff will take good care of you.


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