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Necessary after bariatric surgery?

The consumption of proteins after a bariatric surgery improves the nutritional status of the patient, induces satiety and is a coadjuvant in weight loss.

Several studies have found that when post-operative bariatric surgery patients do not consume enough protein, this being understood as 60-120 g per day for bariatric patients, leads to a loss of lean mass (it is undesirable), a reduction in the metabolic rate basal that has as a consequence decrease in weight loss and physiological damage.

A low protein intake can be tolerated by the body for a certain time, but if the inadequate intake continues, the deficiency will eventually occur with hair loss. As protein-rich foods are also rich in vitamins and minerals, in the bariatric population there may be anemia, deficiencies in zinc, thiamin resulting in compromised immunological capacity, increased oxidative stress and impaired blood glucose.

This can be reflected from the third postoperative month and is more common with patients operated on by gastric bypass.

The contribution of proteins to the body not only depends on the adequate intake of proteins, the absorption of these decreases when there are constant vomiting, diarrhea, depression and if alcohol is consumed.

The quality of the protein source is important. A protein that contains Leucine, will be of good quality, since it helps mainly to maintain muscle mass. The sources rich in leucine are whey protein (14%), followed by casein (10%), egg protein (8.5%), soy protein isolate (8%) and wheat protein (7%). The recommended daily intake of Leucine is 7-12 gr.

In their study, Heber et al. He mentions that the breakfast of a postoperative patient of bariatric surgery, should contain 30 grams of protein to alleviate the catabolic state of fasting night. It is recommended that protein-rich foods be consumed before carbohydrates and fats.

The bariatric patient who is unable to consume enough protein in the diet is necessary to use nutritional supplements. Protein supplements are a good choice because they are high in protein and low in carbohydrates and other fats that are liquid, are much better tolerated.

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