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One more day of tacos, soda, sweets and lack of time to sit at the table, but the time to spare for the appetizers or get into my room with plates and glasses full. But I feel good! Only my knees hurt a little. I do not exercise because it is not necessary. I have not had a partner for years, much less a sexual life. But my friends love me the way I am. I have not been to the doctor for a long time, but I really feel good. They tell me that if I do not lose weight I will have diabetes. I believe that I am healthy and strong.

“You have to eat everything on the plate,” said the grandmothers. Gorditos we are healthy; says the world between the lines ”

For a long time we were focused on the “Anorexia” eating disorder that is accompanied by a serious distortion of the body image … but, what is the Megarexia ?, is the other side of the coin, a disorder that affects people obese

Eating disorders have always been linked to “not eating”. But what about “who eats others”, and also loses his health, his aesthetics and his self-esteem?

The term “megarexia” was coined by Dr. Jaime Burgos in his book “Isoproteic Diet”, one of his most recognized works published in 1992. He subsequently expanded the term in his study “Isodieta” in 2009. Megarexia is a disorder of the corporal image and a feeding behavior in which an obese person does not admit, nor sees, that it is. What results in a distortion of one’s own body image with a psychological origin. This leads the person to have an excessive increase in weight and lack of nutrition.

It is estimated that for each anorectic there are 10 or more megaréxicos.

This disease distorts the body image, which means that the obese person when seeing himself in the mirror does not perceive his weight, he looks slender and healthy. Which leads her to have a self destructive behavior, without being aware that obesity is a disease. And without knowing that he is a victim of megarexia.

They will be prey to junk food and sugars that produce pleasure due to the substances they secrete in the brain. And so. It will make your eating habits a vice of destruction. But the worst, due to the distortion are not subjected to diets or diets, because they are not considered sick.

As with the rest of eating disorders, which have a psychological origin, in order to cope with megarexia it is necessary for the patient to recognize that he has a problem. But, as in the case of anorexics, the image that reflects the mirror, which does not match the perception they have of their own body, does not change their minds, so it is necessary for their family to help them see The reality, and usually need help from a medical professional (psychologist or psychiatrist) to guide them about the disorder they suffer, in addition to a nutritionist to determine the guidelines of a good diet so they begin to lose weight while improving their deteriorated state nutritional The treatment should be from a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the different systems that make the patient prevail in his behavior and which allows him to obtain clear guidelines that will help him and his family cope with the disease.

The intervention performed by a professional and trained team is essential for the success of the patient. Currently there are terepeutic tools, such as bariatric and metabolic surgery, which together with the psychological and medical approach, have a very high success rate.


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